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• 10/14/2015

The Alien

Is there ANYWAY at all, to get rid of the Alien.Whe it asks for Moodys and stuff,I never give them and i want it to go away.And i have to exit the game and stay off for a while to get him to leave,Anyway i can make him leave without doing this???

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• 10/15/2015

As far as I am aware the only way to get rid of the alien is to give it the zebra it wants (but then it comes back after a bit anyway!)

I just ignore it to be honest.

• 10/26/2015

Just give him what he wants, everytime he wants it. Your goal is to get as many rubies as you can so you can creat the supreme alien to get 30 free diamonds. Once you get at least the 40-diamond alien crate upgrade (save diamonds through berries) buy and evolve as many aliens as possible. When you got at least 10K/rubies a minute, leave your game on overnight. The next day you'll have about 3M rubies, enough to make a few supreme alien beings. In about 2 weeks, I maxed out all the upgrades, still have about 200+ diamonds, have 10M+ rubies, and have also maxed out the aliens, getting over 23K rubies a minute. 

• 10/27/2015
Lucky you my phone times out after 10 minutes inactivity I can't leave it on overnight.
• 11/2/2015


Bro, check your phone settings so it doesn't lock up or time out after 10 mins of inactivity. Mine used to go back to home after 5 mins, but I changed the settings so it doesn't unless I do it manually. Now that I have all the diamonds I need, I set it so it times out after 5 mins again, to save battery. I'm using Iphone 4.

• 11/3/2015

yeah I'm on a samsung galaxy, and max screen time out is 10 minutes I can't change that...

• 11/7/2015

There are apps that allow your screen to stay on for forever. I use one called "Stay Alive!".

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