The achievements are for things such as tapping zebras, fusing zebras or completing the Zebrapedia, with some being easier to obtain than others. Indeed, many are achieved simply by playing the app as normal. Each achievement earns the player 1 diamond.

The achievements as they appear on the in-game list are featured below. Some are marked only by question marks until they are unlocked, making it slightly harder to figure out how to earn them.

Table of Achievements

Achievement Name Requirements
Zebra To Go Upgrade Delivery Box to get bigger Zebras!
Zebra Bank Reach 1000 coins per second!
Super Saver Reach 50000 coins per second!
Zebrannaire Reach 1.0 mi coins per second!
Fast Fingers Tap 100 zebras!
Fusion Time! Fuse 100 times!
Black & White Market Purchase 123 zebras!
Surprise! Open 2000 Crates!
Fully Loaded Max out all Earth upgrades!
Transgenic Mutation Evolve a zebra affected by a bean!
Zoom Out Unlock Continent level!
The Overview Effect Unlock World Level!
Superb Zebra Create the Supreme Being!
Collectioner Complete the Zebrapedia!
Alternate Dimension Recreate the Universe!
Let There Be Light Recreate universe in less than two weeks!
Speedy Recreate universe in less than one week!
Zebra Parade Make all zebras in Jungle Level wear the same hat!
The Party Make all zebras in Jungle Level wear different hats!
Striped Hats Have one of each hat in the game!
The Claw Unlock the Alien Planet!
We're Not Alone Discover all zebras from Alien Planet!
Close Encounters Sell 100 zebras to the Alien
Ufologist Sell 2 final alien zebras to the Alien
Over the Rainbow Discover the Pantheon!
Elevate State Evolve a Titan to the level 4!