Berries are a feature of Zebra Evolution. They are activated by buying an upgrade and can be subsequently upgraded again with longer berry effect time and decreased time between berry growth. There are currently 4 berries.

There is an achievement for evolving a zebra affected by a berry.

Purple Berry

Triad Berry
When fed to a Zebra, the Zebra will slowly fade between purple and normal colours. Once the berry effect time is over, the Zebra evolve to the next creature by itself (no combining needed). This can be very handy if you are able to evolve several levels before the time is up.

Yellow Berry

Baby Zebra Berry
When a yellow berry is fed to Zebra, the Zebra will turn yellow and give out a bunch of coins. Every time the berry-effected Zebra evolves, the new Zebra will give out a bunch of coins, with bonus amounts varying. This berry can be used with a long chain of evolutions to build up coins quickly.

Red Berry

Zeebrush Berry
When a red berry is fed to a Zebra, the Zebra will turn red and begin pooping rapidly, giving a chance for a larger amount of coins if the zebra is evolved to a higher stage (as their poop is more valuable) or if the fusion bonus is activated (as this temporarily doubles poop value).

Blue Berry

Adult Zebra Berry
When fed to a Zebra, the Zebra will turn blue and after a wait, will poo out a diamond rather then coins. Increased berry effect time can increase the amount of Diamonds yielded from a Zebra to a maximum of 3. While effected, the Zebra will not poo normally, and tapping will play the animation but no coins will be pooed. Evolving the zebra will not increase the diamonds yielded.

Berry Upgrades

  • Berry Delivery - Delivers berries faster.
  • Berry Effect - Increases berries effect time.